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La silla. Ese objeto del diseño

Hago sillas. Tengo claro que nadie necesita una silla más. Están todas hechas. Pero yo, necesito diseñarlas. Diseñar sillas fue una verdadera pasión para Ricardo Blanco. Lo cierto es que su estructura sintética, en la que no debe sobrar ni faltar nada, sumado a su valor simbólico social, es el (...)

Casa Moderna. Latin American Living

Since the sensuous Modernism pioneered by Oscar Niemeyer in Brazil, Latin America has become one of the most exciting locations for contemporary architecture in the world. Alejandro Aravena and Paulo Mendes da Rocha, both recent Pritzker Prize winners, are just two very different examples of the (...)

May I Come In?: Discovering the World in Other People's Houses

Wendy Goodman has discovered and published stories on an astonishing array of private houses, notable for their character, personality, and flair, in her 30 years of design hunting. In May I Come In? she visits more than 75 that capture and express their owners' spirit and passions. In this (...)

Tropical Chic: Palm Beach at Home

Palm Beach interiors have long reflected the travels, penchants, and whimsies of the town's worldly inhabitants. But as real estate on this tiny barrier island becomes increasingly valuable, residents are calling upon world-class designers to help fine-tune their visions, giving rise to a fresh (...)

Créer pour Louis XIV. Les manufactures de la Couronne sous Colbert et Le Brun

Créer pour Louis XIV conte l’histoire d’une grande entreprise de luxe et de propagande : la constitution par Jean-Baptiste Colbert d’un ensemble de manufactures vouées à la décoration des maisons royales et à la glorification du Roi-Soleil. Aux Gobelins, Colbert réunit, sous la direction de Charles (...)

A Great Party: Designing the Perfect Celebration

In his debut book, acclaimed event designer Bryan Rafanelli shares his secrets for creating unforgettable parties.Voted one of the top wedding designers in the world by Vogue, Bryan Rafanelli has designed and produced some of the nation's most exclusive and high-profile events, including many for (...)

California Romántica

California Romantica features the most important, yet rarely seen, residential exemplars of the California Mission and Spanish Colonial styles, by such noted architects as George Washington Smith, Wallace Neff, Richard Requa, Lilian Rice, and Paul R. Williams, among others. From whitewashed stucco (...)
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