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Air Campaign Nº046 Chrome Dome 1960-68

In 1960, SAC's B-52s began a nonstop, eight-year, nuclear-armed patrol. Fully illustrated, this study explains how one of the Cold War's most challenging operations was conceived and flown.Operation Chrome Dome was Strategic Air Command's unprecedented nuclear deterrence operation, a hugely (...)
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New Vanguard Nº330 British Lend-Lease Warships 1940 45: The Royal Navy's American-built destroyers and frigates

An illustrated history of the American-built destroyers and frigates supplied to the Royal Navy under Lend-Lease, which played a crucial role in Britain's war in the Atlantic. As U-boat attacks on Britain's vital sea lanes increased in ferocity, and Royal Navy warship losses mounted, the United (...)
Categoría: Militares
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