Campaign Nº358 The Balkans 1940-41 (1)

The first of two volumes on the Axis campaigns in the Balkans, exploring Mussolini's fateful decision to move against Greece in October 1940. The Greek President Metaxas rejected the Italian ultimatum with a famous 'Oxi' ('No'), and what followed was Italy's first debacle in World War II.In the (...)
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Campaign Nº359 Stalingrad 1942-43 (1)

The first in a three-book series examining the Stalingrad campaign, one of the most decisive military operations in World War II that set the stage for the ultimate defeat of the Third Reich.After failing to defeat the Soviet Union with Operation Barbarossa in 1941, Adolf Hitler planned a new (...)
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Men At Arms Nº537 The Numidians 300BC-AD300

The Numidian light cavalry were among the best-known horsemen in the ancient world: riding without saddles or bridle, carrying only hide shields for defense and clutching a handful of light javelins, they were renowned for their darting attacks, swift retreats, and skirmishing prowess. Yet, as much (...)
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New Vanguard Nº290 British Batteships 1890-1905

The Royal Navy's battleships at the turn of the 20th century were the most powerful battlefleet in the world, and embodied one of the key periods in warship development--the development of the dreadnought battleship.The term "pre-dreadnought" was applied in retrospect to describe the capital ships (...)
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