Konstam, Angus

Hunt the Bismarck : The Pursuit of Germany's Most Famous Battleship

Hunt the Bismarck tells the story of Operation Rheinubung, the Atlantic sortie of the Nazi Germany's largest battleship in May 1941.Bismarck entered service in the summer of 1940. She was well-armed, with eight 15-inch guns as well as a powerful array of lighter weapons, while her armoured (...)
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New Vanguard Nº279. American Privateers of the Revolutionary War

During the American War of Independence (1775-83), Congress issued almost 800 letters of marque, as a way of combating Britain's overwhelming naval and mercantile superiority. At first, it was only fishermen and the skippers of small merchant ships who turned to privateering, with mixed results. (...)
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New Vanguard Nº290 British Batteships 1890-1905

The Royal Navy's battleships at the turn of the 20th century were the most powerful battlefleet in the world, and embodied one of the key periods in warship development--the development of the dreadnought battleship.The term "pre-dreadnought" was applied in retrospect to describe the capital ships (...)
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New Vanguard Nº300 Warships in the Spanish Civil War

In July 1936, a pro-fascist coup orchestrated by General Franco tore Spain apart and plunged the country into a bitter civil war. Like Spain itself, the Spanish Navy was torn in two: crews and most ships remained loyal to the Republican government but many of the Navy's officers joined Franco's (...)
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