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Roman Gardens

his book looks at the origins of ancient Roman garden design and its Greek influences. It includes the use and design of private domestic gardens as well as those connected to theatres and temples. Gardens connected to mausolea are also included. It shows how rooms were designed to afford the best (...)
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La curiosa historia de los laberintos. 4000 años de giros y vueltas

Sigue el hilo a través de esta laberíntica historia y ahonda en una curiosa experiencia! Partiendo de una abundante literatura histórica y clásica, testimonios de exploradores, arqueólogos e historiadores, y las nuevas creaciones de expertos contemporáneos, la Dra. Julie Bounford explora la (...)
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Italian Gardens of Lake Como

This is a tribute to the jewel of Italian lakes and the splendid gardens of the stately mansions and villas standing on the Lake Como shores. Surrounded by mountains, Lake Como combines breathtaking scenery with lush flowering gardens, which are renowned all over the world. Incredible and gorgeous (...)
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Villas and Gardens of the Renaissance

A stunning collection of photographs celebrating the excellence of the Italian Renaissance period through palaces and gardens built between the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. The book illustrates ten locations of extraordinary artistic and architectural interest, conceived by prominent Italian (...)
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Private Gardens : Design Secrets to Creating Beautiful Outdoor Living Spaces

Private Gardens: Design Secrets to Creating Beautiful Outdoor Living Spaces features nearly forty spectacular garden designs from around the world. Each garden is beautifully photographed and includes detailed diagrams and construction and planning schemes, with practical advice from professional (...)
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The Bouquets of Chenonceau

After twenty years in his flower shop in Saint-Avertin, florist Jean-François Boucher-Odent left the family business to follow his heart and focus solely on his art, without having to put energy in the obligatory commercial flower work. And where better to do this than at the stunning Château de (...)
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Eden revisited.A garden in Northern Morocco

Italian writer and horticulturist Umberto Pasti's passion for the wild flora of Tangier and its surrounding region led him to create his world-famous garden, Rohuna, where he has transplanted thousands of plants rescued from construction sites with the aid of men from the village.Planted between (...)
Categoría: Jardines-Botánica
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