Galeotti, Mark

Campaign Nº369 The Panjshir Valley 1980-86

An in-depth look at the struggle between the charismatic rebel commander Ahmad Shah Massoud, "The Lion of Panjshir," and the Soviet forces who fought to control the Panjshir Valley in Afghanistan.When the Soviets rolled into Afghanistan in 1979, they believed if they took the cities, the country (...)
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Fortress Nº113. The Moscow Kremlin. Russia's Fortified Heart

A detailed study of the tumultuous history of the Moscow Kremlin, a metaphor for Russia, a symbol for its government and an enduring icon of the country.A fortified complex covering 70 acres at the heart of Moscow, behind walls up to 18m high and watched over by 20 towers, the Kremlin houses (...)

Las guerras de Putin. De Chechenia a Ucrania

Mark Galeotti, uno de los mayores expertos en la Rusia contemporánea, analiza en este oportuno libro cómo Vladímir Putin ha remodelado su país a través de toda la serie de intervenciones militares en que se ha implicado, que incluye la devastadora invasión de Ucrania. Las guerras de Putin dibuja (...)
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