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Armenia. Art, Religion, and the trade in the Middle Ages

A fascinating exploration of art created by the varied Armenian kingdoms that connected the East and West during the Middle AgesAs the first people to officially convert to Christianity, Armenians commissioned and produced astonishing religious objects. This sumptuous volume depicts and (...)
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The Renaissance of Etching

The first comprehensive look at the origins and diffusion across Europe of the etched print during the late 15th and early 16th centuriesThe etching of images on metal, originally used as a method for decorating armor, was first employed as a printmaking technique at the end of the 15th century. (...)
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Making Marvels: Science and Splendor at the Courts of Europe

Innovation, technology, and spectacle combine in wondrous works of decorative art and furniture that embody the splendor and luxury of the royal courts of EuropeAt once beautiful works of art and technological wonders, the objects featured in Making Marvels demonstrate how European royalty from the (...)
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