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The Ey Exhibition : Impressionist in London "French Artists in Exile 1870-1904"

The EY Exhibition: Impressionists in London: French Artists in Exile charts the story of the French artists who took refuge in London during and after the devastating Franco-Prussian War and the Paris Commune. Following these traumatic events there was a creative flourishing in London as the exiles (...)
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All too human. Bacon, Freud an a century of painting life

All Too Human celebrates the painters in Britain who strove to represent human figures, their relationships, and their surroundings in the most intimate of ways—and features breathtaking works by Lucian Freud and Francis Bacon alongside rarely seen pieces by contemporaries such as Frank Auerbach (...)
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Picasso 1932: Love, Fame, Tragedy

1932 was an extraordinary year for Picasso, even by his own standards. His paintings reached a new level of sensuality and he cemented his status as the most influential artist of the time. Over the course of this year he created some of his best-loved works, from colour-saturated portraits to (...)
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Shape of Light. 100 years of Photography and Abstract Art

The accompanying catalogue to the first major exhibition to consider the relationship between the photographic medium and the history of abstraction in the twentieth century, on display at London's Tate Modern.The exhibition catalogue will be arranged in a broadly chronological way to tell the (...)
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Magic Realism.

This elegant publication draws upon the German and Austrian paintings of the George Economou Collection to explore the vibrant art of magic realism. The term is today comonly associated with the twentieth-century literature of Latin America, but it was first coined (alongside the phrase `post- (...)
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Bruce Nauman

Since the late 1960s Bruce Nauman has established a completely new understanding of contemporary art and has been acknowledged asone of the most relevant artists of the twentieth century. Both the last modern artist and - because of his ceaseless experimental approachto new media - the very first (...)
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The Making of Rodin

Auguste Rodin (1840–1917) was a radical sculptor whose unorthodox approach to multiplication, assemblage, industrial production, and serial repetition challenged classical sculptural traditions and provided a definitive break in the history of art. Although he was best known for his bronze and (...)
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