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Imagen de Maria Merian's Butterflies
Maria Merian's Butterflies
Autor: Heard, Kate
Maria Sibylla Merian (1647–1717) trained as an artist under her stepfather in Nuremberg. Fascinated by butterflies and moths from an early age, she studied the insect life cycle through the animals she found in local fields and gardens, recording her discoveries in meticulous watercolors and (...)
Categoría: Arte
Imagen de George IV : Art and Spectacle
George IV : Art and Spectacle
Autor: VV.AA.
George IV was arguably the most magnificent of British monarchs. By the time George ascended to the throne in 1820 after nine years as Prince Regent, he was already well-known for his extravagant lifestyle. Visual display played an important role in his public image, an image that he worked hard to (...)
Categoría: Arte
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