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The Few: Fight for the Skies: Images of War "Rare photographs from wartime archives"

In this new pictorial history from Philip Kaplan, the perspectives of both RAF and Luftwaffe airmen are considered within the wider context of one of the most iconic and pivotal conflicts of modern history. The Blitz, primarily the bombing of London and the major cities of Britain by the German Air (...)
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The Few: Preparation for the Battle of Britain

This new addition to the Images of War series is sure to prove welcome, illustrating as it does the preparatory stages of the iconic Battle of Britain. Whilst the country geared up for action, the air forces rallied, readying the high-performance Hawker Hurricane and Supermarine Spitfire fighters (...)
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The Vietnam war "The tet offensive 1968"

On 30 January 1968 the North Vietnamese communists launched a coordinated surprise attack - the Tet Offensive - across South Vietnam against the South Vietnamese and American armies. Superior firepower eventually crushed the offensive, but it proved to be a major psychological victory for the (...)
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The Sassanians

Throughout most of the classical period, Persia was one of the great superpowers, placing a limit on the expansion of Western powers. It was the most formidable rival to the Roman Empire for centuries, until Persia, by then under the Sassanians, was overwhelmed by the Islamic conquests in the (...)
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Sepecat Jaguar: Tactical Support and Maritime Strike Fighter

This versatile, rugged aircraft was a joint Anglo/French project and first flew in September 1968, becoming operational with both the RAF and Arme del'Air in 1972/3. The Jaguar's multi-role design made it easy to adapt for the ground-attack, reconnaissance, interceptor and maritime strike roles. It (...)
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Tankcraft Nº040. Panzer III German Army Light Tank

The Pzkpfw III tank was the mainstay of the Panzer divisions during the Blitzkrieg era and made up the bulk of the armoured force sent to North Africa. Although less heavily armoured than many of its opponents it was sturdy and reliable and its main armament was the equal of any enemy weapon it was (...)
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