Mafé Huertas, Salvador

Dassault Mirage F1s

The Mirage F1 emerged from a series of design studies performed by French aircraft manufacturer Dassault Aviation. Having originally sought to develop a larger swept wing derivative of the Mirage III, which became the Mirage F2, to serve as a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) propulsion testbed (...)
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Hawker Siddeley (Bae), Mcdonnell-Douglas/Boeing Harrier Av-8s/Tav-8s & Av-8b/B+/Tav-8b

The birth of the Ninth Squadron (Novena Escuadrilla) of the Spanish Navy Fleet Air Arm (Flotilla de Aeronaves in short FLOAN) took place in 1987 with the receipt of the first three AV-8B aircraft from McDonnell Douglas factory in St. Louis on October 6 of that year. Deliveries continued for a total (...)
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