Lardas, Mark

Campaign Nº340 Th glorious first of June 1794

As 1794 opened, Revolutionary France stood on a knife's edge of failure. Its army and navy had been shaken by the revolution, with civil war and famine taking its toll on their resources. Seeking to bring a revitalizing supply of food from its Caribbean colonies and the United States, the French (...)
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Duel Nº113. German Heavy Cruisers vs Royal Navy Heavy Cruisers : 1939-42

This superbly illustrated study explores the epic clashes of British and German heavy cruisers at the beginning of World War II.The opposing heavy cruisers of the German Kriegsmarine and the Royal Navy engaged in a global game of cat and mouse during the opening years of World War II. This was a (...)
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Air Campaign Nº026. Truk 1944-45 : The destruction of Japan's Central Pacific bastion

A fully illustrated history of how the US Navy destroyed Truk, the greatest Japanese naval and air base in the Pacific, with Operation Hailstone, and how B-29 units and the carriers of the British Pacific Fleet kept the base suppressed until VJ-Day.In early 1944, the island base of Truk was a (...)
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Air Campaign Nº032. Arctic Convoys 1942 : The Luftwaffe cuts Russia's lifeline

A new history of the most crucial few months of the Arctic Convoys, when Germany's air power forced the Allies to retreat to the cover of winter.Between spring and autumn 1942, Germany was winning the battle of the Arctic Convoys. Half of PQ-15 was sunk in May, PQ-17 was virtually obliterated in (...)
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Air Campaign Nº029. The Kamikaze Campaign 1944-45

An illustrated history of how Japan devised and launched a new kind of air campaign in late 1944 the suicidal assaults of the kamikaze units against the approaching Allied fleets. As summer changed to autumn in 1944, Japan was losing the war. Still unwilling to surrender, Japan's last hope was to (...)
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