Isabel Muñoz. : A New Story. Photographs From and Around Göbeklitepe

Muñoz, Isabel
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Isabel Muñoz is a photographer dedicated to capturing the essence of Göbeklitepe and its surroundings, believed to be the oldest place of worship in the world. Her photographs transcend mere documentation, capturing ethereal and mesmerizing imagery of astonishing ruins and monumental megaliths that exist in a realm between mystery and artistry. They humbly pay homage to these majestic scenes.

Immersed in these images, we are not only witnesses to an aesthetic spectacle but also participants in a narrative that attests to our profound connection with the "guardians of the hereafter," evoking a renewed sense of passion. Isabel Muñoz's evocative photographs and the resurrected stories accompanying the cordially invites us to partake in a festive and collective celebration that forges our bond with our distant ancestors.

Muñoz, an intrepid explorer and observer of nature, aesthetics, and diverse cultures, has embarked on a photographic journey through Göbeklitepe, Karahantepe, and Sayburç some of Türkiye's most significant archaeological sites. In this awe-inspiring region that has left an indelible impression on her, she delves into profound inquiries about mystery, origin, and eternity.

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