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Focke-Wulf Fw200: The Condor at War 1939-1945

Conceived and developed as a civilian airliner during the 1930s, the elegant four-engined Focke-Wulf Fw200 Condor soon became one of the Luftwaffe's most immediately recognizable and potent maritime armed reconnaissance aircraft.Following its introduction into service in 1939, the Condor took part (...)
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Combat Aircraft Nº139 Dornier Do 217 Units of World War 2

The Do 217 had a much larger bomb load capacity and had considerably greater range than the Do 17, which it replaced in frontline service from mid to late 1941. Although initially used simply as a bomber, later variants were developed to allow the Do 217 to undertake the precision maritime strike (...)
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The Dornier Do 217: A Combat and Photographic Record in Luftwaffe Service

The Dornier Do 217 represented the refinement of German twin-engine bomber design, a progression from the earlier Do 17. From 1941, the Do 217 became the mainstay of the Luftwaffe's bomber arm in the West, equipping four Gruppen for operations over Britain. It carried out day and night attacks on (...)
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