Forsyth, Robert

Me 210/410 Zerstoerer Units

Intended as a progressive development of the twin-engined Bf 110 Zerstoerer ('destroyer' or heavy fighter), the Me 210 first took to the air in September 1939. However, due to a lack of sufficient flight-testing before being declared service-ready, the Me 210 suffered from a less than satisfactory (...)
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Dogfight Nº001. Fw 190D-9. Defence of the Reich 1944-45

The Fw 190D-9 - the 'long-nosed' Dora - represented the cutting edge and pinnacle of wartime Germany's piston-engine aviation development. This new history by leading German aviation specialist Robert Forsyth reveals what it was like to pilot her in combat as Germany desperately battled to remain (...)
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Combat Aircraft Nº146. Junkers Ju 188 Units of World War 2

This volume examines the history and development of the Ju 188 twin-engined aircraft, the Luftwaffe's attempt to enhance and improve its peerless Ju 88.The Junkers Ju 188 was the epitome of mid-war German twin-engined aircraft design, representing the enhancement of an earlier type and (...)
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Dogfight Nº006. Me 262

Using rare first-hand accounts from Me 262 pilots, Robert Forsyth examines what it was like to fly the world's most advanced interceptor in the deadly skies over Germany in 1944 45.Right from its operational debut in the summer of 1944, the Me 262 outclassed anything the Allies had in terms of (...)
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