Esteban Ribas, Alberto Raúl

The battle of Nördlingen 1634

In 1634 the Thirty Years' War had taken a spectacular turn. The great protagonists of 1630, King Gustav II Adolf of Sweden and Generals Tilly and Wallenstein were dead.The Swedish army was disoriented without the presence of its charismatic king. Chancellor Oxenstierna was to preserve his legacy, (...)
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The Battle of Rocroi 1643: Clash of Seventeenth Century Superpowers

The Battle of Rocroi (19 May 1643) is famous for the French victory over the Spanish Tercios. The Duc d'Enghien, only 21 years old, defeated a Spanish army commanded by Francisco de Melo. The victory has traditionally been attributed to the military genius of the young Duke, to the superiority of (...)
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