Mosquito Victory

The compelling autobiographical sequel to Lancaster Target graphically and humorously describes all aspects of life as a WWII RAF bomber pilot on 'rest'. Mess life and antics intermingle with Jack's real task of instructing trainees on the fourengined Halifax bomber. Following his return to (...)
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Night Flyer

The art of successful night fighting was not something that could be easily learned. Pilot and navigator had to work together as a team, to think and move as one man. Lewis Brandon, a navigator throughout WW2, recounts his experiences.
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Raf Airfields Of World War 2

This book gives complete coverage of all the RAF airfields in World War 2 in Britain, including all the RAF Fighter, Bomber, Coastal, and Transport Command airfields and bases of the period. Each airfield is described with a short history, first-person accounts, and information on airfield (...)
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Bomber pilots who become fighter pilots are rare, but Hermann Buchner was one. The author, a Luftwaffe NCO pilot and Knight's Cross holder gives a riveting account of his training with the pre-war Austrian air force, instructing with the Luftwaffe then the terrifying ground attack operations on the (...)
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The Avro Vulcan

Designed by a team led by Roy Chadwick, the man responsible for the legendary Lancaster, the Vulcan was created to carry Britain's nuclear deterrent in the 1950s and 1960s. Avro's delta-winged colossus became the backbone of the V-Force until the very end of the 1960s when the deterrent role passed (...)
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British Secret Projects 4 Bombers 1935 to 1950

This book completes the process of revising Tony Buttler's successful British Secret Projects titles, which have described the design and development of the UK's military aircraft since the mid-1930s. The original single volume has now been split into two separate titles; the already published (...)
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