British Secret Projects: Jet Fighters Since 1950

The original version of this book described the development work from the end of WWII to build the new generation of British jet fighters, in doing so it lifted the lid on many projects and 'dead-ends' which had never been publically discussed. This was the book that launched the hugely successful (...)
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British Secret Projects 4 Bombers 1935 to 1950

This book completes the process of revising Tony Buttler's successful British Secret Projects titles, which have described the design and development of the UK's military aircraft since the mid-1930s. The original single volume has now been split into two separate titles; the already published (...)
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American Secret Projects 4: Bombers, Attack and Anti Submarine Aircraft 1945 1974

Having completed the revision of his series of British Secret Projects titles, Tony Buttler has now begun the same treatment for his early volumes on American Secret Projects.This first revised book describes the design and development of American bomber and attack aircraft from the end of World (...)
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