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Bangles and Bracelets

The bulk of this handbook is step-by-step case studies, comprehensively explained and illustrated with photographs. Each chapter demonstrates and guides the reader through procedures for making a bangle or bracelet using a particular technique, approach or skill. Topics covered include: wax-work (...)
Categoría: Artes Decorativas

Non-Precious Jewellery: Methods and Techniques (Design and Make)

This is a highly illustrated how-to-do-it book. There are very few such books specifically covering non-precious material techniques, but there has been a recent increase in the creative use of non-precious materials in jewellery-making. Using a step-by-step approach, this book is an easy and (...)
Categoría: Artes Decorativas

Precious Jewellery from Plastics: Methods and Techniques

Whilst many jewellers and designers are working with plastics these days, there is very little information available about the methods and techniques required to manipulate them for jewellery-making purposes. This book includes instructions and advice on marking out and cutting, joining, laser and (...)
Categoría: Artes Decorativas

Sustainable Jewellery

Sustainability is foremost in the minds of many designer-makers at the moment; there has been a surge of environmentally-sustainable developments in the collections shown recently at Origin, New Designers in Islington, Pulse and Collect. Jewellers are very aware of sustainability issues, as such a (...)
Categoría: Artes Decorativas

Design & Make Jewellery using Textile Techniques: Methods and Techniques

A large-format, highly illustrated how-to-do-it book for beginners and practising jewellers looking for new ideas. There has been a recent increase in jewellers using textile techniques in their work, and this book provides a thorough and comprehensive introduction to all the materials and (...)
Categoría: Artes Decorativas
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