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Trees of North America "Michaux and Redouté's American masterpiece"

A remarkable selection of American forest trees surveyed by François-André Michaux and Thomas Nuttall from The North American Sylva, held in the LuEsther T. Mertz Library of The New York Botanical Garden, featuring illustrations by celebrated botanical artists such as Pierre-Joseph Redouté and (...)
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Women Artists. An illustrated History

Firmly established as one of the premier histories of women in the fine arts, Nancy G. Heller's "Women Artists returns in an expanded fourth edition. With coverage of the 1990s and the beginning of the new millennium, nearly half the volume is now devoted to the remarkable period from 1960 to the (...)
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Norman Rockwell. My adventures as an illustrator the definitive edition

seña del editorThe life of America's most beloved artist, in his own words-back in print with restored text and drawings, new illustrations, and more The wit, humanity, and many-sided talent of Norman Rockwell (1894-1978) are on full display in his classic autobiography. Rockwell's New York City (...)
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Greek and Roman Mosaics

The best-illustrated survey of a spectacular ancient art, now available in an affordable edition Mosaic has been called “painting for eternity,” and it is in fact one of the few arts of antiquity to survive in something like its original condition and variety. Mosaic pavements with geometric and (...)
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The Pre-Raphaelites

Meet the renegades of Victorian art in this gorgeously illustrated exploration of their work and influence.In the revolutionary year of 1848, a group of young British artists set out to return a lost vibrancy to European art. Calling themselves the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, they mounted an (...)
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Women of The 1920s: Style, Glamour and the Avant-Garde

Experience the glamor and excitement of the Jazz Age, through the lives of the women who defined it. It was a time of unimagined new freedoms. From the cafés of Paris to Hollywood's silver screen, women were exploring new modes of expression and new lifestyles. In countless aspects of life, they (...)
Categoría: Moda

Patterns in Art: A Closer Look at the Old Masters

A visual delight, and a designer's dream-the decorative details of great European paintings transformed into beautiful two-dimensional patternsRichly embroidered robes. Intricate lace collars. Elaborately laid floor tiles. Delicately carved and modeled cornices and capitals. These are among the (...)

Yoshitoshi: One Hundred Aspects of the Moon

Yoshitoshi (1839-1892) was the last virtuoso of the Japanese woodblock print, and the One Hundred Aspects of the Moon, published between 1885 and 1892, were his crowning achievement. This series-mainly illustrating stories from history and legend, unified by the motif of the moon-is charged with (...)
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