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James Cook.The voyages

This landmark book is published to coincide with a major exhibition marking the 250th anniversary of Cook's first voyage. A stunningly illustrated, object-centred history, this book offers a once in a generation opportunity to discover the uniquely rich Captain Cook collection of the British (...)
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Warfare in Medieval Manuscripts

The glamour associated with knights in shining armor, colorful tournaments, and heroic deeds appeal strongly to the modern imagination. However, few pieces of military dress and equipment have survived, so for a comprehensive view of the nature of medieval warfare we rely on written documentation (...)
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Breviario de Isabel la Católica

El Breviario de Isabel la Católica es un breviario iluminado de finales del siglo XV. Se conserva en la British Library de Londres.This is a deluxe edition art book on the Isabella Breviary, the one that belonged to Queen Isabella I of Spain (Castile) who comissioned and funded Columbus America's (...)
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