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Mustang. The untold story

The North American Mustang is one of the most well-studied aircraft. However, much of what is commonly understood about it, particularly its early, Allison-powered variants, is not entirely correct. This book examines the history of the aircraft afresh, within the orbit of tactical doctrine, (...)
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Finland's Air Forces

The Finnish Air Force operates at the world's most northerly latitudes in an often extreme climate. During the Cold War, it was overshadowed by the Soviet Union, but remained fiercely independent. Since then, it has worked hard to deepen cooperation with its neighbours. It modernised its aircraft (...)
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Military jeeps

In 2021, as the Jeep celebrates its 80th anniversary, there is no doubt that itis one of the world's most famous automobiles. The utility 4x4 machine was designed to help win a war - something that it did with aplomb - and a legend was born, spawning both evolved models that remain in production to (...)
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