Books in Transition at the Time of Philip the Fair "Manuscripts and Printed Books in the Late Fifteenth and Early Sixteenth Century Low Countries"

In 2006, 500 years after his death, the Royal Library of Belgium organised an exhibition revealing treasures from the era of Philip the Fair (1478-1506), last duke of Burgundy. This volume reunites most of the papers delivered at a conference held during the exhibition, increased with four new (...)
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Creative and Imaginative Powers in the Pictorial Art of El Greco

A collection of novel and provocative insights into El Greco's pictorial art based on art-historical, social and historiographical sources and methodologies.This volume presents an innovative art-historical outlook on the prevalent interpretations and theoretical analyses of El Greco's paintings. (...)
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Corpus Rubenianum Part XIII. Subjects from History: The Decius Mus Series 2 Vols.

Rubens's Decius Mus Cycle is in many ways a first. It provides the earliest example of work for the medium of tapestry, and so illustrates the artist's approach to the challenges presented by a narrative sequence of images. The woven versions, like the corresponding set of six paintings preserved (...)
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Copies of Flemish Masters in the Hispanic World (1500-1700). Flandes by Substitution

The artistic heritage of the regions that once formed part of the former Spanish Empire includes a large number of painted copies after Flemish masters made during the sixteenth and the seventeenth centuries. Most of these works have received little attention, even though they constitute a valuable (...)
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