Ferrocarriles y Transportes

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Imagen de Car Design Box Set
Car Design Box Set
A reference work which explores car design as cultural historySure to be a favorite of car aficionados everywhereAutomobiles are more than just a means of transport: they are social entities—societal developments are manifested in their design. In this cultural history Paolo Tumminelli introduces (...)
Imagen de Narrow Gauge Lines of the British Isles
Narrow Gauge Lines of the British Isles
Autor: Johnson, Peter
Although standard gauge railways - albeit of different gauges - came to dominate the railways of Britain and Ireland, there was also a considerable number of narrow gauge lines constructed throughout the British Isles. Whilst many of these were built almost exclusively for industrial purposes and (...)
Imagen de The classic cars book
The classic cars book
Autor: VV.AA.
New additions to the automotive market are judged primarily by efficiency or fuel consumption. Things are quite different for historical cars. Major car shows, from Pebble Beach to Villa d'Este, feature classic cars, which, although they may not achieve top marks in the wind tunnel, have a timeless (...)
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