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Imagen de Head Gardeners
Head Gardeners
Autor: Edwards, Ambra
Ambra Edwards and Charlie Hopkinson explore, in words and pictures, the lives, visions and achievements of fourteen very different head gardeners: Ned Price of The Weir, Herefordshire; Fergus Garrett, Great Dixter, East Sussex; Paul Pulford, Queen Elizabeth Hall, London; Mick Evans, Packwood House, (...)
Categoría: Jardines-Botánica
Imagen de Topiary, Knots and Parterres
Topiary, Knots and Parterres
Topiary, knots and parterres come in many guises, from the grand and imposing to the humble and folksy. In this book Caroline Foley - with the aid of diarists, writers, wits, designers, gardeners and garden owners - traces their story through the centuries and across the world. Starting from the (...)
Categoría: Jardines-Botánica
Imagen de La vida secreta de los árboles
La vida secreta de los árboles
En los bosques suceden cosas sorprendentes: árboles que se comunican entre sí, árboles que aman y cuidan a sus hijos y a sus viejos y enfermos vecinos; árboles sensibles, con emociones, con recuerdos… ¡Increíble, pero cierto! Peter Wohlleben, guarda forestal y amante de la naturaleza, narra en este (...)
Categoría: Jardines-Botánica
Imagen de Japanese Stone Gardens
Japanese Stone Gardens
Gain some new ideas along with the principles and history of Japanese stone gardening with this useful and beautiful garden design book.Japanese Stone Gardens provides a comprehensive introduction to the powerful mystique and dynamism of the Japanese stone garden—from their earliest use as props in (...)
Categoría: Jardines-Botánica
Imagen de Zen Gardens and Temples of Kyoto: A Guide to Kyoto's Most Important Sites
Zen Gardens and Temples of Kyoto: A Guide to Kyoto's Most Important Sites
Autor: Dougill, John
This Japan travel guide presents a journey into the true heart of the Kyoto experience—one which brings you deep into the world of Kyoto's ancient Zen Buddhist culture.This is the first comprehensive guide to Kyoto's most important Zen garden and temple sites. Kyoto's Zen heritage represents one of (...)
Categoría: Jardines-Botánica
Imagen de Private Italian Gardens
Private Italian Gardens
Autor: Pejrone, Paolo
A must-have for garden lovers, this stunning book introduces private Italian properties never before seen by an international public. Located on the properties of well-known Italian families, such as the Agnellis, the thirteen gardens showcased in this book are the creations of one of Italy’s most (...)
Categoría: Jardines-Botánica
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