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Imagen de Harald Sohlberg: Infinite Landscapes
Harald Sohlberg: Infinite Landscapes
Majestic and magical landscapes, the soft beauty of fields of flowers, the raw cold of winter: the works of Harald Sohlberg (1869–1935) combine a romantic perception of nature with a contemporary pictorial language akin to symbolism. Particularly beguiling is the lack of humans in these atmospheric (...)
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Imagen de Utrecht, Caravaggio and Europe
Utrecht, Caravaggio and Europe
Autor: VV.AA.
What a shock it must have been for the Utrecht painters Hendrick ter Brugghen, Gerard van Honthorst and Dirck van Baburen when they first encountered the breathtaking and unconventional paintings of Caravaggio in Rome. This volume shows impressively how the young artists individually explored this (...)
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Imagen de Alex Katz: Painting the now
Alex Katz: Painting the now
Autor: VV.AA.
Over a career that now spans nearly seven decades, the American painter Alex Katz (b. 1927, New York) has devoted himself to the representation of the here and now and to the immediacy of human perception – a commitment to what the artist has often described as “painting in the present tense.”Alex (...)
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Imagen de Frans Hals: Family Portraits
Frans Hals: Family Portraits
Autor: VV.AA.
Frans Hals (1582–1666) was one of the foremost portrait painters of the Dutch Golden Age, yet little has been written about his lively family group portraiture. Inspired by recent discoveries about one of the families Hals painted, this catalog reunites the surviving sections of Van Campen Family (...)
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Imagen de Basquiat by Himself
Basquiat by Himself
Jean-Michel Basquiat's self-portraits are regarded as being among the most important of his radical creative works. In addition to some 50 specific portraits of himself, we can also see his series of likenesses of African-American men as concealed reproductions of the artist. Not least because (...)
Categoría: Arte
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